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Anonymous said: What does Zef mean?

Zef is an Afrikaans term that roughly translates to what South Africans also refer to as “common”: decked out hoopties with fur on the dashboard, tight mom jeans pulled up too high, synth-heavy rave music, high-heels with track suits, mullets. It has a heavy 1980’s feel and is not really a derogatory term.  Zef isn’t a music style, and it’s not limited to any one culture or location. Ninja refers to ZEF as the ulitimate style or the ultimate state of mind. Zef is next level shit.

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"I got whatchu want boy. I got watchu want. I got whatchu want boy and your never gonna get it so you might as well forget it".


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animalsdancingg said: do you know how old she is??

No one knows for sure because she won’t talk about her age but from what I know I believe she is 25-30 years Fre$

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